Thank you Elk Grove

I wanted to stop by and show my appreciation to my community of Elk Grove, CA which has given to me, as well as many youth, the opportunities, resources and encouragement to succeed.  I thank parents, teachers and coaches who have touched my life since the time I was hitting a ball of a tee.  I want to thank Doug Penney with Elk Grove Babe Ruth for his continual efforts to ensure that these opportunities are available to every kid of our community.  Thank you to my local sponsor Bruce Kaiser at Kinetic Cycles, whom without, I would be riding a Huffy around the nation.  Much appreciation to Katie Freeman and the Elk Grove Citizen.  Thank you Ray Porter for ALWAYS being there with support, confidence and a few jokes to put everything into perspective.  Thank you Louis and Lesley Corpuz, recently acquainted friends, who have quickly become family.  A big thank you to the Zimmerle family for the many obstacles they have helped me overcome on the business side (the side of this I don’t like to deal with).  Thank you Viccy Lee and Audio Asylum, for providing the inspiraitonal theme song for my ride, “Brand New Day”, available on iTunes.  I thank and appreciate every member in our community who is actively making a difference, the smallest sometimes being the most influential.  And lastly, I would like to thank my friends and family, a small group of strong people from whom I gather inspiration, courage, love and a smile.

Thank you Elk Grove, for all you have done for me.  I look forward to my return next year, and making as remarkable of a difference, as you have for me.

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One Response to Thank you Elk Grove

  1. Ramona Trevino says:

    Good luck and hope everything goes well.

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