I am going to TRY to write this blog..

What was the first thought that went through your head after reading the title of this blog?  What do you initially think about this blog post?  Do you think I will be completing it?  Leaving it unfinished?  It is very interesting how powerful our words are.  If the blog was titled, “I am going to write this blog”, do your perceptions and assumptions now change, because of the removal of one single word?  We are our own biggest encouragers and we are our own biggest discouragers.  Many people support us, and put us down.  And they do so with words.  How many times have you been discouraged from doing something because of what people said to you?  (These are not rhetorical questions by the way people, lol.. I EXPECT you to answer them by leaving comments!).  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it was not the person’s fault for you being discouraged.  I’ll say it again, we are our OWN biggest encouragers and our OWN biggest discouragers.  Many people tell us a lot of things.  But we don’t truly believe them until we tell it to ourselves.

Everytime I stop to rest, every person that passes me feels it is necessary to tell me how hot it is outside.  I guess it’s an ice breaker or easy small talk.  I reply with “It’s perfect” and a big smile.  The only reason it is not hot for me, is because I don’t tell myself it is hot.  It is that simple.  If you say it to yourself, you will believe it.  And what you believe will become your reality.

A few months back, I was contacted by Todd, founder of a health organization called Columbus Fit Clique.  He expressed his passion for bringing a healthier lifestyle to, first Columbus, but eventually the nation.  I was originally scheduled to go to Detroit, but with little outspoken interest from community leaders, I rerouted my journey to go through the Buckeye State, to collaborate with Columbus Fit Clique.  I quickly became very close with everyone within the organization and was soon invited over to stay with Greg’s, Todd’s business partner, best friend’s mom’s house (did you follow that?).  His best friend is Mike and we also hit it off immediately, after a brief discussion about ambition.  This guy can do it all.  He was a great athlete throughout high school and he also an incredibly gifted artist.  We were playing catch with the football the other day, and he was catching the ball left and right, one-handed, behind his back and you could not even hear the ball hitting his hands.  It would have been a spectacle for anyone to watch.  He’s an amazing guy.  He succeeds in anything he does. 

Fast forward to a discussion we were having about his art career.  He told me about a final project he had to do for an art class.  He informed his professor that he was going to do a portrait for his last efforts of the semester.  The professor looked at him, laughed and told him it he can’t do portraits.  Mike was very confident in his skills and replied, “Yes, I will”.  He then created a masterpiece, which blew his professor away, as well as myself. 

Mike then told me about his basketball career.  He had the opportunity to play for a professional team over seas.  But when he was telling me the story, I noticed a shift in his mental approach.  Throughout the duration of the narrative, he used the word “try” countless times.  He said he was going to try to make the team.  And this is the only time I’ve heard him use this word.  In the end, he was not successful in pursuing a professional career in basketball and was cut from the team.

If you’ve read my previous blogs (uhummm, cough, cough, nudge.. Amy and Brittany), you can recall a blog entitled, “Failure”.  I mentioned that the words “can’t” and “try” are not in my vocabulary.  For obvious reason “can’t” is not a positive word to use, but “try” is all too often overlooked.  When you say you are going to “try” something, it implies failure, incompletion and not giving it your full attention and efforts, just like when you read the title of this blog.

What if Mike had TRIED to do a portrait for his final project?  What if Mike DECIDED to make the basketball team?  When you want to succeed, either decide to do it, or decide not to do it, don’t try to do it.. you will not succeed.  How far do you think I would have bicycled, if I was going to TRY to bicycle 11,000 miles around the nation.  Instead, I WILL bicycle 11,000 miles around the nation, therefore leaving myself one end result, SUCCESS.  Words are powerful and they will shape your future.  What you say, is what you believe.  And what you believe, will become your reality.  Encourage yourself today, and DECIDE to be successful!

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23 Responses to I am going to TRY to write this blog..

  1. Misha says:

    Keep updating your bloggity blog. 🙂 God’s Richest Blessings!

  2. Stephanie Smith-Huff says:

    Thank you sir for taking time out of your busy schedule to share. It is your energy and determination that makes it so easy for Mike and the others in FitClique to receive you and your message> Be safe my friend. It has been a blast meeting you and sharing your story. We are going to get you on Oprah or some other national show. I will not “try” I will make that contact before your jouny is over. Peace

  3. JK says:

    I’ve never noticed that with Fibes before! Good catch. I’ve always had a saying I’ve tried to live by (there goes that stupid “try” again!), and it goes like this: “What you think you believe and say you believe isn’t what you really believe unless you live it. So live like you mean it.” After all, you can’t spell “believe” without l, i, v, and e.

  4. Lori says:

    WOW… speechless. I’ve never heard truer words. My mom preached to us as young kids about the power of our words. You hit it dead on. “Writing”…. another thing Teddy is good at. LOL I’m impressed

    • teddyherrera says:

      I am speechless on how quckly your family took me in, especially you lol.. Thank you so much for reading my blogs.. I tear my heart wide open when I write these blogs, in hopes to inspire, by looking into the window of my soul. Talk you soon Mlle. Lori!

  5. mark benton says:

    Try is a powerless word. It leads to more failures than any other word. If I find myself using “try” I step back and ask myself “Why am I not committed to this?”
    Keep Peddling.

  6. Laura says:

    VERY INTERESTING! Bryce & I just had this conversation MANY times over the past month or so. “Believe” has always been my favorite word. I find myself drawn to any novelty item with the word written on it (Tinker Bell in infamous for the word believe). I don’t know if you remember or not when you came to my apt. in Galveston, I had a decorative picture thingy that had the word Believe on it. I bought it just for that reason. At Joseph’s 5th grade graduation party at his school, they had little star shaped trinkets with different words on them that you could choose to take home. I was so excited when I found one that had “Believe” inscribed on it and brought it home. I also BELIEVE that making your dreams come true in its realest form is by getting there one pedal at a time, thus leaving room for nothing other than positive self encouragement, motivation, inspiration and fulfilling accomplishment thru the perserverance of hard work broken up into again, one pedal at a time. (I havent’ practiced spelling, so sorry for mispelled words). See I do read alot of your stuff, even if I don’t comment. Plus, obviously as you can see, I don’t know how to just “comment”. I only write chapters of novels. I can’t say I read it all, because I don’t know how to do all that twitter, facebook, etc. Love you cousin, as Dory from “Finding Nemo” would say, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming swimming swimming, what do we do?, we swim swim…….I LOVE TO SWIM- MING!!……” So no matter what anoyone says, Just keep swimming. It’s Madi’s favorite movie right now. What can I say. There is genius to it, you have to admit. Here is the link to hear it for yourself, it’s so inspiring! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmyUkm2qlhA

  7. Laura Salter says:

    You are truly smart beyond your years! I have always hated the word “try” and know when someone says it, not to expect much from them because they don’t expect much from themselves!

  8. Brooks Peterson says:

    Great blog Teddy! Especially this entry. I know throughout my life I’ve tried to take shortcuts to get where I was going and then made excuses for the reason’s I didn’t make it there. But you are so right, the words we choose can be directly related to our confidence. That is the main reason why people use words like “try”; because they don’t want to assume they will succeed because part of them is scared that they won’t. I’ve learned so much in the past 3 years as to what makes me succeed, and you hit the nail on the head… never except anything less than success. My confidence in everything I do has manifested into a successfull life and you’re words and actions have only inspire me more to continue to push myself. Keep up the awesomeness!

    • teddyherrera says:

      I appreciate that brother!! It means a alot to me that you took the time to read my blog, and even more so to comment. Thank you and I look forward to hearing more insight from you. All the best!

  9. Holly Peterson says:

    Ooo this is going to be a good lesson to open up the year with. =) Trying vs. Deciding! Being the basketball player that I am (and maybe just because I have a game in a couple hrs and have it on the brain) I’ve come up with this analogy to demonstrate trying vs. deciding. The likelyhood of succeeding at trying vs. deciding is like the likelyhood of making a half-court shot vs. dunking the ball (given everyone had a hoop at dunkable height for them). What do you think? I’m open to suggestions of other ways I can demonstrate it to kids 6 to 11!

  10. Tia Chrissy says:

    It’s amazing what one can accomplish when they eliminate the word “try” from their vocabulary and mind set and your a prime example of that!!!

  11. Dude, great to meet you today. The story and my pictures will be in tomorrows paper. (www.myrecordjournal.com) You’re on some great path man. Keep it up. Sky is the limit. Not that you need to be told this 🙂

  12. WOW!! Teddy….that is definitely an amazing blog. It’s so true about the power of your words. The bible even quotes in Proverbs 18:21 that “Death and Life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit”……Which basically means exactly what you said in a nut shell…lol. You are what you speak…..if you’re speaking good things, than good things will follow. It’s inspiring to see you do what you do. And it’s truly encouraging! But you’re absolutely right when you talk about discouragements. It is our own fault when we become discouraged, because we allow ourselves to become that way instead having the courage to stand up and fight for what we say we are and who we say we are. How can we expect others to believe in us if we can’t first believe in ourselves. So I admire your determination and your COURAGE to do what you are doing now, the initiative that you took to stand up for others and to help fight for their health and the kids of this generation and the next. It’s memorable….for a lot of people. It was a true pleasure meeting you and being of service to you. Kashia Cave has always been a good friend of mine….and to tell you the truth I didn’t really know who you were (I don’t watch tv or see the news too much or read the paper…lol) but when she said a friend of hers was coming into town on a bicycle… I couldn’t let Kashia down on that one….I was quick to be of service. So I hope you enjoyed your stay here in Meriden, CT. Hope you come back and visit sometime again….talk to you soon.

  13. Peggy Shoffstall says:

    Teddy, my friend Corina and I helped you on your journey in Oct. as you passed through Darien Ga. on the way to Brunswick Ga. You had a problem with a tire and we picked you up as you were standing there swatting bugs. Great to have met you and we both admire the journey you have made. We are both back in our hometown of Vacaville Ca. and still amazed at meeting you a fellow Ca. back South, it sure is a small world indeed! Keep up the cause you are truly inspiring.

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