Hey guys!! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to thumb through my blog.  This is a raw, heart-filled account of where I’ve been, who I’ve met and my adventures thus far.  I only write when I become inspired by an event, which has touched me in a way that will impact me for the rest of my journey through life.  And my hopes are, by sharing these experiences, the people who have touched me, will touch you, through me.. make sense?  If it doesn’t, get used to it before reading any further.  Enjoy the read, “One blog at a time”!


8 Responses to About

  1. Teddy – I am so proud of you !!! Scott and I are currently living in Kentucky and would love to have you stay with us when (and if) you are in our area over your “trek”. I will be getting re-married in early October, but any other time you are welcome at our home. PLEASE keep my address and let me know where and when you will be ANYWHERE near me. I can get to alot of places in 3 to 4 hours and would love to see you, assist you, and support you. (In Bowling Green currently, 1 hour north of Nashville). Cell 916-539-5132. Scott will be here till joining the Navy in early fall. Love and luck to you and your family, Sue

  2. Crystal Crowley says:

    Hi Teddy! I work at Children’s Hospital in Denver and heard about your ride from a link on our Clinical Nutrition site. Any off chance you will be back in the Denver area say in early September this year?!! I am organizing a fun run on September 17, 2010 for my daughter’s school (250 kids) and am trying to find a speaker to talk with the kids about the importance of exercise and healthy eating prior to the event. Would LOVE to have you!! Your message and mission are exactly what ALL kids (and parents) need to hear.

  3. Jon Coupal says:


    Great talking to you tonight. I’ve put out the word to my peeps about your impending arrival in Boston. Keep your fingers crossed.

    Peace, Bro

  4. Charlie Roberts says:

    Hi Teddy –

    Rode with you for a few miles today outside Canandaigua NY. Enjoyed the brief chat and figured you were on the WWW somewhere. Good luck the rest of the way – I will be reading your blog.

  5. Peter Rippon says:

    You met up with Champ Walker a good friend of mine recently, I guess in Illinois? He told me your story and that you’re almost in New York. As a fellow transcontinental biker with some room to spare in Manhattan (and a safe place for your bike!) please get in touch and we’ll get you to the Tonight Show!

    Best regardless,
    Peter Rippon

  6. Hi Teddy,
    Glad you can clip in again! Thanks so much for the nice note and your quest. All of us here at LOOK Cycle USA are pulling for you.
    Contact us when you will be coming into Sacramento, would love to meet and ride with you.
    Kevin P
    LOOK Cycle USA
    San Jose, CA

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